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auditions 2023-2024

Las Vegas Academy Late Audition Dates:

April 15, 2023

All students must complete the application at

Auditions are open to students entering grades 9, 10 and 11.

Students may audition for ONE major


Please see below for more Late Audition Information.

For further information, email or call Linda Skeary,

(702) 799-7800 ext. 4202 or

Please scroll down to choose your conservatory of interest, and then click to review requirements or begin your application.

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LVA Auditions
January 21 & February 4, 2023

Audition times and dates are not set until a completed magnet application has been received at
Before the audition day, students must be prepared following the audition requirements. Conservatory admission requirements can be found above or at

Click here for a map of student check-in locations on audition day.
The audition date and time are found on the student application dashboard.  

LVA 2023-2024 Late Auditions
April 15, 2023

Late applications for the 2023-2024 school year are now open.

Note - Not all major programs will have late auditions. A list will be posted by March 31, 2023

After you complete the CCSD application, You will received an email at a later date requesting you to schedule an audition. Late auditions will be scheduled through the magnet office. For additional questions, contact  Linda Skeary at 702-799-7800 x4202.


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