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Registration & Student Policies


Graduation prior to 2020: Students who graduated in 2019 and earlier, visit and submit your request there. 

Graduation in 2020-2021: Students who graduated in 2020 and 2021 may request to pick up a copy from the Registrar by emailing the request and a copy of a picture ID to If the student is unable to pick up the transcript, they should submit the request at



Questions? Please contact Laura Tuggle, LVA Registrar, at 702-799-7800, ext. 4065 or email

Registration/Enrollment Documentation

It is very important that students new to the school submit all required documentation.

Please click the link below to view, download and complete worksheets for either In-District students enrolling as a new student to LVA, OR Out of District students enrolling as a new student to LVA.

Parents, Guardians and Students please read registration documents required for enrollment. If you have any questions please contact Laura Tuggle, Registrar at 702-799-7800, ext. 4065.


Out of District Student
In District Student

LVA Magnet Contract

Students, Guardians and Parents are required to abide by Enrollment, Academic, Attendance and Behavior Standards. These standards are described in detail in the LVA Magnet Contract. Please print, sign and return the Contract during the first week of each new school year. Questions may be directed to the student's counselor.

AUP - Acceptable Use Policy

The use of electronic resources shall be consistent with the purpose, mission, and goals of the Clark County School District and used for professional or educational purposes. The purpose in providing these services is to facilitate access to information and resources, promote educational excellence, and enhance communication between schools and the community.

This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is provided so that staff, students, and members of the community using the District’s computer network resources are aware of their responsibilities. The use of these network resources is a privilege, not a right.

Activity Eligibility Policy

It is the school's primary responsibility to assure that students are successful in core academic classes so that they have the basis of knowledge necessary for successful completion of Nevada graduation requirements. At all times, academic eligibility is the responsibility of the student and parent.


All student travel and auditioned performances will be governed by the following guidelines at the Las Vegas Academy:


1. Every nine (9) weeks, Administration will provide teachers a list of all ineligible students. Students will be deemed ineligible for all travel and/or auditioned performances if the student earned any marks that are F’s or U’s in any class.


2. Students will remain ineligible for travel or to perform in auditioned performances for the next nine (9) week period; there is no probationary or grace period.


3. It is the responsibility of teachers to ensure that students participating in events are eligible. Events include travel or auditioned shows. Eligibility for travel will be determined at the start of the nine (9) week period in which the travel occurs. Eligibility for auditioned performances will be determined at the start of the nine (9) week period in which casting occurs.


Teachers are responsible to inform parents of student eligibility status and participation ability. For all trips that are student self-funded, the sponsoring teachers will include an acknowledgement statement in their travel information parent letter for both students and parents to sign that their travel fees may not refundable if the student is ineligible. Questions should be directed to the student's program teacher.

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