Visual Arts Philosophy

LVA Art Majors are visual hunters, seekers who see their world in unique ways. LVA students are not just thinkers, they are makers and creators. LVA Visual Design Majors are expressive, obsessive, progressive and are willing to take a risk to visually express their emotions and ideas in telling their stories. LVA students are as unique as the art they create. We are as unique as the colors we paint with, but are united through our humanity, sense of justice, empathy for others and in our passion for art. Every diverse and unique student adds to the special environment fostered at LVA. Each student adds a shimmer, a glow of color and a line of definition or a swath of shadow to the unique, ever evolving work of art that is the Las Vegas Academy. Join us. 

2D Visual Design


3D Sculpture

Film / Video

Graphic Design