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Film/Video Overview

The Las Vegas Academy of the Arts Film and Video Program offers a focused, high-level, quality education for students interested in learning about the history of Film and Video as well as the creation of content for a variety of platforms.  The 4 year program offers training in production, editing, screenwriting, sound design, cinematography, directing, and producing. The Film & Television Conservatory is both a pre-collegiate cinematic arts school and an industry prep program, helping students discover their own cinematic voices through practical training with industry equipment, software, and protocols.


Program Accolades 

Students from the program are consistently recognized for their work in a variety of competitions both locally and nationally. 


Below are the winners for SkillsUSA Nevada and SkillsUSA Nationals for Film & Video Production since 2014.  As you can see, our Film & Video students have won five 1st Place/Gold Medals since 2015 at SkillsUSA Nevada in Reno.  In addition, we won 1st Place/Gold Medal in 2018 and 2nd Place/Silver Medal in 2017 at SkillsUSA Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky.  We were competing against 30+ teams from around the country in the area of Digital Cinema Production. 


Life Simulator - Jacel A. & Frankie S.



Back Petals - Elizabeth T. & Oceana C. (2019 Gold Medal/1st Place)

Bingo - Amira A. & Jacob H. (2018 Gold Medal/1st Place)

Katie - Keegan N & David T. (2018 Bronze Medal/3rd Place)

eye.exe - David T. & Keegan N. (2017 Gold Medal/1st Place)

Candidates - Jacob L. & David T. (2016 Gold Medal/1st Place)

Wake Up Call - Mikayla V. & Jake R. (2016 Silver Medal/2nd Place)

Good Talk, Buddy - David T. & Jacob L. (2015 Gold Medal/1st Place)

Don't Take My Sunshine Away - Jocelyn G. & Haley P. (2014 Bronze Medal/3rd Place)



Second Thoughts - Amira A. & Jacob H. (2018 Gold Medal/1st Place)

Wilt - Keegan N. & David T. (2017 Silver Medal/2nd Place)


Below are this year's award winners and honorable mentions for the 2021 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.  We have won several of these over the years.  When I find my list, I can give you information on past winners.




  • Dread - Jack C.

  • Oblivion - Charlotte C.



  • All the Best - Elizabeth A.

  • Cure - Alex M.

  • Marionette - Jacel A.

  • Turns Inside You - Alejandro G.


We have also had students that received screenings and recognition at the All-American High School Film Festival in New York City.


       *  Jacob Langsner

       *  David Tovar

       *  Amira Aboudallah


Program Curriculum 

The Las Vegas Academy of the Arts Film and Video Curriculum allows students to learn the history of film as well as develop the tools for creation in this medium.  Our 4 year curriculum offers content in Technology, Production, Editing, Broadcast, Cinematography, as well as many other areas in film making. Through a rigorous, hands-on curriculum, faculty members challenge and mentor students to be their best selves, both artistically and individually. Students are encouraged to use their work to demonstrate visual invention and curiosity, collaboration and individual expression, solid technical craftsmanship, and captivating storytelling that creates a thoughtful exploration of the human condition. Students have the opportunity to work throughout our campus with a variety of Majors to create projects, and learn about the history of Film.


Program Outcome 

The Las Vegas Academy of the Arts Film and Video Production Program helps students acquire the skills necessary to succeed in a variety of situations. Upon graduation, many of our students have developed the skills  necessary to be admitted into highly regarded collegiate cinema arts schools or pursuing careers in the Industry. Students have the opportunity to work in our Film labs with state of the art equipment and develop their voice in the area of cinematography.

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