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Photography Overview

Photography majors are students who are interested in the 2D aspects of the visual arts. Our Photography Program is designed for students to experience picture-making, shaped by the comprehensive study of the art of photography including its processes and technology, history, criticism, contemporary practices and the expressive potential of its unique visual language. Students can earn college credit if they continue through the third year of Photography. 

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Program Curriculum 

Photography 1

Photography consists of technical, aesthetic and historical study. Students become proficient with the tools and techniques of photography, using both film and digital cameras. Class time is spent with presentations, discussion, production and critique of student work. Emphasis is on creative camera work.  Students learn the technical foundation of making a great photograph, depth of field, shutter speed, framing, panning, composition, understanding the quality of light, the use of the darkroom and Photoshop.

Photography 2

The goal of the second year of photography is enhancing students' art of seeing and developing their aesthetic photographic vision. Through digital presentations, discussions, critiques, hands-on demonstrations and historical study, students learn more in-depth technical aspects of photography, with the emphasis on creative camera work and fine art presentation. Skills and concepts emphasized during the second year include use of flash, low light photography, studio lighting, and self-expression.


Photography 3 

Students in the third year of photography master and fine tune their technical skills, develop and strengthen their individual style with emphasis on strong visual impact. They learn a variety of techniques and concepts including: navigating your camera, metering and exposure, composition strategies, alternative photographic strategies, color theory, contemporary methods and more. Students complete creative projects inspired by pivotal photographers, as well as mixed media contemporary artists who incorporate photographic techniques into their practice.  

AP 2D Art and Design

The Advanced Placement Program in Studio Art enables highly motivated students to perform at the college level while still in high school. The Advanced Placement student is required to complete the in-class assignments as well as compile, categorize, and neatly organize his/her portfolio for the A.P. Exam. Students create an independent body of 2D work that demonstrates conceptual development, experimentation and revision. This course requires working on artwork outside of class, digital documentation and writing.


Program Outcome

Students can earn college credit if they continue through the third year of Photography. They can also earn college credit by taking the AP Art and Design Exam.  


Students learn how to present their work for college applications and portfolio reviews. They will know how to build a website to promote their photography skills and create their own photography business.  

Program Accolades 

Photography students participate in Local and National competitions, including:

Scholastics Art and Writing


The Congressional Art Competition


LVA Photograpy graduates have been accepted into art programs at SVA, Parsons, Cornish, Rochester College of Art and Design, among others.

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