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2023 LVA Star Graduate

Congratulations to Madison, [Maddy] Rodriguez, LVA's CCSD Star Graduate!

Madison Rodriguez is LVA's StarGraduate. She’s overcome so much during her high school career. She came to LVA in her sophomore year, wanting to escape the bullying and abuse she suffered from during her Freshman year. LVA served as an oasis for her to grow and thrive. She surpassed everyone’s expectations including her own. For three years, she has been an active leader and role model in Student Council. Maddy said through Student Council “I was able to see the different personalities and cultures on campus and that helps me relate to people and the world.” Maintaining a 4.0-grade point average, she excels at school while dealing with personal difficulties. Recently, she moved out of her sister's house, who took her in during a difficult time. Now living with her mother, Maddy takes care of her and all the household duties. Maddy embodies the LVA Way persevering through everything with humor and helping others. She earned acceptance letters from her dream colleges but decided to stay close to home at CSN for financial reasons. Her focus in college is anthropology after being inspired by a favorite teacher. Maddy said about her future, “I want to be alive and happy.” Maddy, we are so proud of you. Congratulations!


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