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Counseling & College Planning

The emphasis of the Counseling Office is to implement a comprehensive guidance and counseling program according to the state of Nevada's School Counseling Program Student Standards and the national standards set forth by the American School Counselors Association (ASCA).  The counselor's emphasis is on promoting and enhancing academic achievement, career development and social/emotional growth for all students.  The program includes individual student planning, responsive services, and system supports within the guidance curriculum.

Core Enrollment Requirements

The Clark County School District (CCSD) strives to prepare
students for success in post-secondary education and in the
workforce by providing a rigorous curriculum. The Core
Enrollment Expectations are consistent with Nevada Revised
Statute (NRS) 389.018 and aligned with the Governor Guinn
Millennium Scholarship minimum core curriculum requirements.

To meet the requirements set forth by the Nevada State Board
of Education, all students are enrolled in the Core Enrollment
Expectations as outlined below:

Core Enrollment Areas of Study Units:
English 4
Mathematics (including Algebra II or higher) 4
Natural Science 3
Social Studies and History 3
Total 14

Students who successfully complete the Core Enrollment
Expectations outlined above, with a grade point average (GPA)
of at least 3.25 may qualify for the State of Nevada Millennium
Scholarship. Please see your school counselor additional information about the Millennium Scholarship.

Safe Voice

SafeVoice is an anonymous tip report system with live response 24/7/365. Safevoice (SV) includes and goes beyond bullying to create an anonymous way to also report threats of school violence and friends at risk of suicide, self-harm, drugs and more.

Class of 2027

Freshman Course Selection Information and Elective Information will be provided at Freshman Parent Orientation. See below for Frequently Asked Questions, Freshmen Electives, and Graduation Cheat Sheet.

Graduation Requirements

  1. 23 credits

  2. Take the ACT with writing junior year



​​​​​​​Where to get help

  • Check the Study Helps tab

  • See your teacher during Lunch and Learn

  • Your teachers stay after class and you can stay in class to get help.

  • Wednesdays are a great time to get help.

  • Local Libraries have homework help available in the afternoons. ( See flyer below)


Class of 2026

Sophomore Course Selection Information will be provided in the second semester. See below for Graduation Cheat Sheet and Elective information. Counselors will meet one-on-one to assist students in graduation planning and selecting their courses for the coming year.


Graduation Requirements

  1. Earn 23 Credits in specified courses

  2. Take the ACT with writing in Junior year



Class of 2025

Junior Guidance Information

  • Here is a video regarding SAT vs ACT.

  • Check with teachers on the last day to turn in work for the quarter

  • Wellness Ideas: 

    • Take time to do something creative and to relax.

    • Knitting, coloring, crochet, draw

    • Do this in real life and not on the web.


Graduation Information:

  • Earn at least 23 credits

  • Participate in the ACT with writing in the 11th grade. 

  • ACT test date is in the second semester and is FREE

  • Junior powerpoint


Please see the attached Graduation Cheat Sheet to learn about the diploma options available to students:

  • College and Career Ready

  • Advanced Honors

  • Advanced

  • Standard


​​​​​​CSN Promise Scholarship

The Promise Scholarship closes on the 31st of October. This scholarship is for CSN only and students do not have to have a certain grade point average or test score. They must apply for the scholarship and CSN.

Powerpoint from CSN


Naviance Website: Click Here
The only way to order transcripts.

Training will be coming in September (day and evening sessions will be available)
Can't remember your login?  Type in your email (school one) and then click Forgot Your Password and check your email.

Here is a PowerPoint​​​​​​​ with how to use Naviance.


Need help with the FAFSA?

Open up the FinAid Presentation to get information.

Powerpoint from UNR regarding FAFSA.


National Portfolio Day

Will be held this year. Please look at the NPDA below to learn how to register and attend the event. 


Selective Service

ALL males between 18 - 25 who live in the United States must register.

  • Failure to do so results:

  • Fined up to $250,000 or 5 years in jail

  • Denied financial aid for college

  • If you are undocumented, you will be denied citizenship

  • Will be unable to work in a federal job and all federal job training programs

Register at

Elite College Admissions Article:


Remember that if you are planning on going to college (this includes conservatories), you will need to have your shot record at some point. Make sure all of your shots are updated.

Graduation Requirements Class of 2021

  • Prescribed 22 1/2 Credits

  • Participate in the ACT in junior year 

  • No GPA Cap!

Please see the Graduation Cheat Sheet Below to learn about the diploma options available to students (Advanced Honors, College and Career Ready, Advanced, Standard).

College and Career is the top diploma awarded at graduation and is what will be recognized at graduation.

Class of 2024



This website will be updated regularly once the scholarship season begins! 


Millennium Scholarship: No applications, based upon course work, GPA or ACT/SAT test scores, see flyer below.


FAFSA: Opens on October 1st. You will use last year's taxes. The FAFSA Website


UNLV Engelstad Scholars: This is a scholarship for students applying to UNLV and closes on December 15th. You must be a senior in high school with a 3.25 unweighted GPA and have a financial need.  Engelstad Scholars Application

CCSD District Website with scholarships: Follow this link to find more scholarships (some are on this page, but others are not).

Nevada Treasurer's Office: Has a list of hundreds of scholarships (many are for NV schools, but not all). Scroll down to Scholarship Database  NV Treasurer Link

Career OneStop: There are over 8,000 scholarships on this site! You can use a filter to help you find some that fit you. Career OneStop Scholarship Website


The Public Education Foundation: Open now and provides hundreds of scholarships to CCSD students'. Direction sheet below. The PEF Website

Schoolhouse Scholarship Program: This is a scholarship along with support for students who have experienced homelessness in the last 6 years. Schoolhouse Connection


Las Vegas Southwest Rotary Club Scholarship: Must attend an NSHE institution school and have a 3.5. See attachment at the bottom.

Actuarial Diversity Scholarship: Must be intent on pursuing a career in the actuarial profession and be a minority.  Actuarial Diversity Link

Blacks at Microsoft Scholarship: Must be a high school senior of African descent and plan to pursue a bachelor's degree in engineering, compute science, computer information systems, or select business programs. BAM Scholarship link


College Fairs

Southern Nevada College Week

Check back

Performing & Visual Arts College Fair

Check back for the latest information

CREW Day Information

CREW DAY For Seniors and their Parents/Guardians – Mark your calendars for CREW Day (College Readiness Educational Workshops) presented by the LVA Counselors.


Attend informational sessions on College Application Assistance, completing the FAFSA, terminology, timelines, and much more.  

The FALL CREW Day is geared for graduation seniors. 

The Spring CREW Day is designed to prepare juniors and sophomores to start planning for their senior year. 



or contact


Dual Credit/CTE Information

Do you need to order CSN transcripts?

If you have college credit from CSN due to completing a college course at LVA or earning CTE credit, you will have to follow the link.



Jumpstart Program at LVA: 

Mrs. Hackbart is the liaison. 

Remember, there is a cost to the class and it will be due in September. You will pay on the LVA webstore and will see a charge on your account.

Scholarship information for the class is forthcoming.

You enroll at CSN and earn college credit while earning high school credit at the same time.


CTE Program:

LVA offers several CTE programs and if students remain in the program for three years with a 3.0 GPA then they can earn free college credits.

The application process is handled in Level III of the class in the spring.

Courses with CTE credit

  • Video Production

  • Technical Theatre

  • Photography

  • Graphic Design

  • Animation

  • Fashion (no CTE credit, but a certificate with skills listed)


Required Testing

ACT for Juniors

  • Completion of the ACT is a graduation requirement for all CCSD students. 

  • The 2024 administration of the ACT is February 27, 2024

  • CCSD administers the ACT to students free of charge during their junior year. 

  • Students must follow all Procedures & Requirements as designated by the LVA Achievement Office

  • Click here for the 2024 ACT Exam Procedures and Requirements

  • Questions should be directed to the Achievement Office at 702-799-7800, ext. 4202.

Juniors must report to their assigned rooms no later than 7:00 am February 27. 

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