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New Parking Areas Beginning January 2, 2024

Great news! Beginning Tuesday, January 2. LVA's temporary parking lot will be open and available for parking, causing some changes to the parking guidelines we have had for the past several weeks. Please keep the following in mind as you arrive at school on January 2:

  • The temporary parking lot is located in the space previously occupied by the tennis courts.

  • Vehicles will both enter and exit the lot through gates on Clark Ave.

  • Once parked, students will walk onto 7th St through one of two gates and then to their classroom.

  • The Staff parking lot behind Post Hall and the Staff parking spots in the Lowden parking lot will revert to being for LVA staff only.

  • The temporary parking lot will be open for concerts. Please note, though, that it will be locked at 9:30 each evening [or close 20 minutes after the conclusion of performances ending after 9:30] and will remain locked until the following school day.

  • Please see the photo for a map of the vehicle and pedestrian gates for the new lot.


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