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Summer School Information

Updated: Apr 21

Hello LVA Students!

Please click on the links at the bottom of this email to view the Summer School Presentation, and fill out the appropriate Google forms, if you would like your counselor to enroll you in a summer school course. 

You can take summer school for ORIGINAL credit (taking the course for the first time to earn credits ahead of time), or for CREDIT RETRIEVAL (you failed the course or earned a low grade and want to retrieve the credit or earn a higher grade). Please see the attached flyers for all course offerings. 

When you click on the link, there will be clear instructions - read through the instructions carefully! There are two separate Google forms: 

1) One form is for VIRTUAL (NVLA) summer school

2) One form is for IN-PERSON (CCSD) summer school **No transportation will be provided for in-person summer school. 

**You may take BOTH virtual and in-person summer school. You may only take 2 semesters of content IN PERSON and 2 semesters of content VIRTUALLY  (2 credits total). If you want to take a course that is not offered via NVLA or in-person summer school, please contact your counselor - other options may be available!

Deadline -- If you wish to take summer school, please complete the necessary Google form(s) by Wednesday, May 15th at 2:00 pm.  

This is the link to click to register:

If you have questions, please reach out to your counselor:

Ms. Virani -- Vocal, Guitar majors (

Ms. Dunlap -- Dance, Orchestra majors (

Mr. Diamond -- Visual Arts majors (

Ms. Kitchen -- Band, Jazz, and Mariachi majors (

Ms. Cychulski -- Theatre, Tech Theatre, and Piano majors (

2024 Summer School Presentation
Download PPTX • 5.64MB

2024 Summer School Flyer LVA UPDATE
Download PDF • 696KB

NVLA Summer School Flyer-LVA UPDATE
Download PDF • 304KB


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