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Mandatory Student ID Cards

IDENTIFICATION BADGES/ID CARDS – Beginning on school picture days in August, students must [mandatory] wear their 2022-2023 identification card/badge during instructional hours/school day. The card must be on the student and visible at all times. They may not be attached to backpacks or other bags or in the student’s pocket. The instructional day is defined as when the student arrives on campus to the time they depart campus on a school day. The school day may include afterschool events, rehearsals, practice, work sessions, or weekend events directed by CCSD employees. Students will not be expected to wear their IDs at school dances. However, all LVA students must present their ID to enter any school-sponsored dance or event. Guests accompanying LVA students to dances must present their school ID or legal ID before entering. NO ENTRY TO DANCES WITHOUT AN ID, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Additionally, school staff may require students to wear identification badges for special events and work or rehearsal hours. Teachers will determine if students may or should remove badges for physical education, performances, or other safety reasons during instructional hours. Students must display the ID card using a lanyard or clip and be easily visible at all times.

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What day is picture day?

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