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LVA Student Leadership Elected to State Student Council

Please give a huge congratulations to Student Body President-Elect, Jaidan Palmer elected to the Nevada Association of Student Councils (NASC) Division 4A-1 Vice President. Jaidan will be a part of the 2022-2023 NASC State Board and will be an active voice for her peers at the state level and will do an amazing job serving as the Vice President. Another congratulations is in order for Student Body 1st Vice President-Elect Madison (Maddy) Rodriguez. Maddy is the 2022-2023 NASC (Nevada Association of Student Councils) Communications Coordinator. She will be in charge of all things social media at the state level for NASC. LVA could not be more proud of these leaders and know they will do an amazing job serving both their schools and their state. Both young women will do outstanding things!

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