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LVA has a Alma Mater!

Our very own Jorge Machain, Music Tech teacher, LVA Alumni, and amazing award-winning composer was commissioned to write one for Las Vegas Academy of the Arts. "Golden Halls" premiered at the recent Smith Center Grand Concert on February 8, 2022

Watch Mr. Machain conduct the premiere of the LVA Alma Mater Performed by the Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Chorus!!!

To watch the performance click here or on the photo below.

"Golden Halls" Lyrics

Giving us beauty,

Growing together,

Guiding us LVA,

We are free to shine light to our dreams

and carry on the way.

Memories that we take with us gladly,

Within our lifelong family,

Showing us that we can be the dream,

That's our LVA,



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