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Free College Essay Writing Seminar for Juniors

From the College Essay Guy

I'm leading a two-part webinar series for juniors next week packed with tips on how to create an outstanding personal statement and college application. Why? Because summer is a great time to start writing—you'll have time to dig deep, get creative, and save yourself a whole bunch of potential stress during fall of senior year. Join me and Tom Campbell, CEG's Community Manager and former Pomona College admissions officer, for two practical, action-packed sessions:

College Essay & Application Kick-off for Juniors

Part 1: How to Write an Outstanding Personal Statement May 23rd, 5-6pm PT (8-9pm ET)

On this session, we’ll cover:

  • The Purpose of the Personal Statement (i.e., What Colleges Are Looking for)

  • Two Fun Ways to Find Your Personal Statement Topic

  • How (and Why) to Show Your Core Values

  • Two Successful Personal Statement Examples

  • Topics to Potentially Avoid

  • Q&A (We'll Answer Pretty Much Any Question You Have)

Part 2: How to Create an Outstanding College Application

May 25th, 4-5pm PT (7-8pm ET)

On Thursday, we're covering:

  • A Sane College Application Timeline

  • The Other Essential Parts of Your College Application

  • Writing Great Supplemental Essays

  • Tips for Creating a Great Activities List

  • How to Make Use of the Additional Info Section

  • Q&A (Bring those questions!)

Important Note: The event isn't full! When registering for the webinar, be sure to select "Register to all dates below."

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